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Nedleywinks Tournament - Saturday, September 23, 2017

Register to play in the 6th Annual Nedleywinks Tournament

We are taking reservations now for Saturday, September 23rd.   You need to register in teams of two and they must be male/female teams this year.  It is $100 per couple to register for the single elimination tournament.  Please email Ned or April and reserve your spot as the 30 teams are on a first come, first serve basis.


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm - Registration, practice and play in for last 2 spots

3:00 pm - Team assignment, bracket draws, shotgun start (Note: You must be present to be included in the draw)

 6:00 pm- Awards ceremony

Interested in being a Sponsor?

Last year, the Nedleywinks tournament raised over $11,000 for the North Kingstown Food Pantry.  A large part of that was due to our sponsors. This year, we have a goal to raise $15,000. As a corporate sponsor, $200 will allow you to fly your banner during the tournament and $500 will get you prime space and access to the Nedleywinks VIP Lounge. If you are interested in being a corporate sponsor for the Nedleywinks Tournament, please contact Ned.

 What is Nedleywinks?

Several years ago, we were camping in Mt. Desert Island, Maine and Ned and his buddy John heard clink, clink, CHEERS, clink, CHEERS coming from the next camp ground.  They went over to check it out and found a version of washers that the campers were playing.  Ned took pictures and came home and began to build a prototype out of wood, toilet flanges, and artificial grass and named his version "Nedleywinks".  They were a huge hit and to date Ned has made over 160 Nedleywink games.



The story behind the Annual Nedleywinks Tournament.

One Sunday morning in 2012, Don and Karen Gregory showed up at our front door and asked if we could talk.  All kind of thoughts went through our mind.  Don preceded to tell us he woke up super early thinking we need to have a Nedleywinks Tournament this year.  He had been waiting for what he felt was an appropriate hour to share his fabulous idea that had him over the top excited.  After we digested that there was nothing serious and our friend Don was nuts - we agreed he had a great idea.  We formed the tournament committee to include Karen and Don, ourselves and Leslie and Rick Taito.  We have LOTS of meetings planning how this could work.  We decided we would model after March Madness single elimination bracket tournament and we would use this event to raise money for the NK Food Pantry.  September 2012 was our inaugural Nedleywinks Championship.  And as they say, the rest is history!